This & That

Most car repairs can be completed same day.

Many times we serve customers with repair needs that other shops won’t bother with. Small repairs.

Where do you go to get a smashed headlamp, or tail lamp bulb replaced?

Where do you go to get a new mirror installed, or scratches buffed out?

Where would you go if you dented your plastic bumper and you just wanted it pushed out to look better? You get the idea!

These are just a few of the many examples of what we refer to a “This & That” repair.

At Car Care we are more than happy to repair, tweak, adjust, weld, replace, install, remove, or alter any panel, part or component our customer request. If it doesn’t jeopardize safety, and it satisfies our customer, were on it.

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Great customer service, very confident in what he does. Very satisfied with the results.
– Amanda W.