About Us

Forty years of auto body repair experience.

Forty years of industry experience have taught us a thing or two about quality, service and value.


Although We Meet by Accident, Quality is never an “accident”; Quality is an act of intent to restore, and quality requires skilled personnel, proper tools, material, equipment and knowledge.

Service dedicated to our customers’ expectations! No customer wants their vehicle in the shop a second longer than it actually takes to repair. If you are a professional in the collision repair business there can be no greater Customer Service Attribute then to reunite an owner with his vehicle quickly and cost efficiently.

Learning our customer s expectation? No one customer is the same, some demand perfection, others not so much. It’s the customer’s individuality that help Car Care determine the proper repair plan and cost. We simply give our customer choices, options and alternatives for repair that best suit their requirements and budget.

Car Care it’s our name and it’s our commitment to you. We want our customers to be happy that “We Meet by Accident”

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Without a doubt, the best service for the best price!
– Justin
Excellent job, will be back real soon!
– Muzi M.